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    Made In China: Greater Payments Competition Likely On its Way

    SHANGHAI, China—In a move that indicates what could be in store for U.S. mobile payments—more competition from China—UnionPay International is expanding the acceptance scope of the UnionPay app outside mainland China.

    UnionPay International announced that users of the UnionPay app can now enjoy safe and convenient UnionPay mobile payment service in 25 countries and regions outside the Chinese Mainland. With the app, users can pay with UnionPay QR code or activate the contactless payment function of their NFC-enabled mobile phones, Markets Insider reported.

    The UnionPay acceptance network has expanded to 168 countries and regions, covering over 23 million merchants and 1.64 million ATMs outside mainland China.

    “Based on the extensive acceptance, and in answer to Chinese tourists' change of payment habits, UnionPay International is sparing no efforts in promoting its mobile payment solutions, including mobile QuickPass and QR code payment, globally,” Markets Insider said.

    Some institutions are upgrading or developing mobile payment products supporting UnionPay QR code payment solution. Bank of China has recently launched the cross-border UnionPay QR code payment service. Users of the updated BOC mobile app in mainland China can now pay with UnionPay QR code outside mainland China.

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